Kaprow on Gaming

The Digital Yard


The work of Allan Kaprow has a unique ability to capture its audience by directly involving people in the setup or allowing them to witness its destruction by nature.  Special dimensions are experienced differently by each individual. This variation of personal experience creates a truly unique enviroment. One where everybody is the artist.

Kaprow’s work makes me think of what is happening in many popular online multiplayer video games such as Rust or Minecraft. The online environment allows you to build anything that you can imagine. The things that you build stay active in the online world even after you turn your computer off. These creations of yours can be visited or altered by the public. To me this is a digital representation of Kaprow.

Kaprows work is symbolic of the real world. It is constantly changing, weathering and being altered. The ice in Fluids melts and the tires in Yard get rearranged. It is not a static sculpture in a climate controlled museum. It is alive. It is real.