Mahsa Soroudi

Artist of the Week


This artist draws inspiration from Iran where she is from. Everybody must find their creativity from a place they call ‘home.’ Home is a central part to our identity. Seeing an Iranian artist in the United States is something that is rare given the state of Iranian/American political relations. One would have to take care not to make their art political unless they were so inclined to become a political dissident.

Mahsa’s photography is fun to look at it. I do not know the proper word for this style. I can identify it because it looks like the type of chic photography that would be on a fashion or gourmet food blog. The photos show the object up close. The object is framing itself. The subject of the photos also appears to be very clean, almost fake. The photos are nearly square which is odd in the age of extreme wide angle aspect ratios. There are also no angles used, the photographs are taken straight on. Maybe a phrase has not been coined for this type of photography but there is clearly an “internet” style here.

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