Wall Hanging

For this week’s activity we made a decorative wall hanging out of yarn and a wooden dowel. We of course, being my lovely wife and her mother who is visiting us. After a trip to our local Japanese dollar store’s yarn isle we were ready to begin.


We started by discussing different concepts. We decided on a model which we drew on a white board. One thing was immediately clear, the cloth pouch did not fit the vision.

Next we took turns braiding and shaping the yarn into a crosshatched pattern.


We found a really cool type of yarn that had little balls of cotton attached to it. This yarn was woven between several vertical threads of straight yarn. This is where we made a slight error by underestimating how firmly this would hold. We probably should have woven the yarn much more tightly here. In the end we had to hot glue the yarn together.


The primary inspiration for this was summer time and nature. The main support is a dowel of wood supported by a rugged looking twine. Light and dark blues are colors that we commonly associate with a popular summer destination, the beach. Dark blue ocean waves with light blue sky.




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