Cuisine Mosaic

This week we turned a boring bowl of gummy candy into a fun mosaic that could be used to decorate a table a dinner party. First a little background on the subject matter.

‘The Spirit of Detroit’ is a 26 foot tall cast bronze statue by Art Deco sculptor Marshall Fredericks and it is located in downtown Detroit, Michigan. My home town. The statue was installed in 1958 and it was the largest cast bronze statue in modern times. The symbology associated with the statue is a gold globe representing god on its left hand and a family on its other hand.





To make the mosaic a template was created by using a graphic representation of the statue that was found online.


Next the graphic was blown up to a two page poster size using an online tool ( This step was necessary to increase the resolution of the final product. The gummy candy acts like a pixel. If more gummy candies are used it will make it easier to see the image. However, using fewer pixels creates a very abstract representation.


Art Deco was a major movement for architecture in the United States. Some of the best examples of this design style can be found in Detroit. The inspiration to make a brightly colored mosaic of this statue came from the brightly colored tile mosaics of the Guardian Building which is directly across the street from the statue.



During the process of deciding how to create this mosaic I experimented with pixelating photographs. It was ultimately decided that it would be a much larger undertaking than could be completed in a reasonable amount of time for this project. However, using this technique a very interesting mosaic could be created using colored stone, glass, or tile.


This pixelated version of the statue would require approximately 7600 individual elements to be placed. For this project approximately 200 gummy candies were used.

If I could do this project again with a bigger budget and a lot more time I would have made the template much larger. By doing this a much larger amount of candies could have been used to create a more representational image. Alternatively different types of food with smaller grain sizes such as rice or spices could have been used to achieve a higher resolution.


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