Street Photographers

Garry Winogrand


This week we were prompted with several artists to research. I would like to focus on the work of mid-20th century photographer Garry Winogrand. Most of his photographs attempt to capture the social and political climate of the times. The Fraenkel Gallery does an excellent job of displaying some of Winogrand’s photos which are arranged by topic.



The Animals p. 10


The photographs that are part of “The Animals” collection are cohesive, like the other work that I have seen from this artist. The photographs seem to be an attempt to humanize the animals that are trapped in cages. The photographs in the collection fall into two main categories. The animals are looking at humans, sometimes lovers or simply looking at the camera. In other photos the animals are being fed from the hands of humans. We trap the animals there but then they begin to depend on us. We go to the zoo to watch them but these photos seems to suggest that they are actually watching us.




Hard-Hat Rally, New York

The next set of photos depicts the chaotic nature of the 1960’s protest culture juxtaposed with the scenes of old world aristocratic political and social elites. Societal and cultural norms were changing so quickly. This series of photos was captured in the middle of it all. While some people were attending fancy dinner parties and wearing the newest fashions, others had no need for clothes at all. The people were organizing and the only way of doing things needed to change. This series of photos did an exceptionally good job of telling the cultural story of those times.


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