Visit to MOLAA

Slightly less fun than a room full of goats!


This week the activity was to visit an art museum to compare and contrast some of the work there. We first wanted to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art but we arrived to find that the gallery was closed in preparation for their new exhibit.


Plan B was to visit the Museum of Latin American art the following day which is a few miles away and also Long Beach, CA.


I found several pieces at MOLAA that sparked my interest but I am going to try to limit my discussion to two sculptures that I enjoyed.


The first piece is by Argentinian artist Cristiรกn Mac Entyre. The piece uses three sections of bent reflective material inside of a box to create an illusion of depth. Inside of the box there are four hanging stone globes. The colors that were used for construction materials cause the balls to blend into background and their reflections. From far away it is impossible to tell how many physical balls are inside of the box and how many are just an illusion.

The next piece is “Espacios sol y luna (Ambitos de rituales)/Sun and Moon Spaces (Ritual Areas),” by Uruguayan artist Adolfo Maslach. This marble sculpture features many small rectangular blocks that are joined together.

The first sculpture seems to depict a solar system. The four globes appear to form an orbital system with their reflections. The second sculpture is something more terrestrial. It looks like the most interesting apartment building that has never been built. The plaque next to this sculpture confirmed this idea by discussing the artists interest in modern architecture and urbanism. Paradoxically the plaque also says that this sculpture is a tribute to the ‘Sun and Moon’ which is not immediately apparent.

Here are a few more that I enjoyed. If I could do this assignment again I would compare and contrast the grim reaper skeleton with the matador skeleton.

The photograph of the room full of goats just makes me happy. I do not have an honest art critique for it but it was my favorite piece at MOLAA.


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