For this weeks activity I took some photos of the landmarks that I ride pass on my bike commute to CSULB.


My normal mode of transportation to school is my bike. I only drive if it is raining or very hot. My ride on Thursday started in Lakewood and ended six miles later at the College of Engineering’s Veterans study room where I was meeting some classmates to work on a summer class project.

During my ride I took photos of the things that I see everyday. I was finding myself a bit too distracted from watching traffic and the road ahead of me. If you look hard enough there are interesting things to take photos of everywhere.

The first photo I took is in Del Valle Park in Lakewood. It is of a FD3 “Skynight” fighter jet that served in the Korean War. Next is a rather worn out sign welcoming me to Long Beach. Finally ending at CSULB with an iconic poster featuring Uncle Sam.

By using a hashtag this activity created a nice way to connect with the class in what would normally be a very distant experience. I was fairly excited to check the hashtag and it was nice because it gave my day some more purpose than just the normal routine.


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