Bombin the Blocks



We headed out in to the morning drizzle for an afternoon of sanctioned vandalism. We stopped by our local big box hardware retailer to pick up some on sale spray paint. The drizzle had not stopped by the time we got to the Venice art walls but as it turns out paint sticks to damp walls.


Picking up the can for the first time was a humbling experience to say the least. I was feeling quite pessimistic after my first attempt. By the third or fourth iteration I was feeling more confident with my can control and color coverage. Maybe if I come back my tagger name can be something like e^jθ ”Euler” as an homage to my math nerds out there.

Next, following some guidance on art appreciation from Prof. Z the action moved to LA Louvre gallery for an exhibition by Don Suggs and another by Alison Saar.


I would say that the work by Alison Saar (the first image) is not my style. Before today I might say that I do not get it which is still true but I suppose now I would say that I just do not like it.

Don Suggs work on the other hand is just visually stunning. The contrasting bright and dark colors were perfect after seeing the bright graphitti on the gloomy gray sky. I nearly walked out of there with one of the smaller prints!








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