Automatic Drawing – Week 2

Washington’s Ghost


My wife had just returned from a month visiting family in Mexico so doing this project was a great way to do something together. I started off by cutting down a large poster board to a more manageable size and taping it to a large shipping box. Next I gathered up some writing implements.



Here is my (headless) assistant as we get ready summon the Ouija art gods. What followed was several minutes of “Stop moving it!”…”I am not moving it. You are!”



This is the result of the first color run.


We decided to layer another color on top of the black. Here I am holding the completed “Automatic Drawing.”


Here is the completed work after adding some embellishments.


I am not sure which came first the Ouija board or this assignment. You do get a similar feeling that you get from a Ouija board as the pen is gliding across the paper. Neither person will admit to moving the pen but there is flows. Much like a Ouija board you are left to interpret the resulting mess. It is a lot like imagining shapes in the clouds or seeing Elvis’s face on a slightly misshaped cinnamon bun. My drawing started as an abstract blob of scribbles but I was able to imagine it into an emotional alien version of George Washington. What does this mean? Probably nothing but it came from my hand so I am going to continue to look for the meaning

If I could do this project over again I would have used more colors and more suitable drawing paper. High gloss poster board is not extremely conducive to coloring. Also I would be more careful to keep the pen pressed to the paper.

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